Breastfeeding Success Story – Jenny Cheong

Breastfeeding is not easy..but insyaAllah with effort and doa anyone can succeed

Penang Mother-to-Mother Peer Support (MMPS)

I was having difficulties on breast feeding during confinement as my baby admitted into hospital due to jaundice. During admission, I was only able to express out 20ml  breast milk 2 hourly for both sides. However, my baby needs around 70ml @ 3 hourly in 1st day, 110 days @ 3 hourly in 3rd day. I would never ever managed to catch up such volume. Hence, my husband and I made a wrong decision by top up formula for our baby. When my baby came home, he was crying day and night and I was not able to satisfy him as my breast milk never able to flow out as much as bottle. I was carrying my baby almost 24 hours just to let him latch on but was the same.

The situation become even worst as I ate and drank a lot of herbs soup,  black dates…

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